Tuesday, October 25, 2011

XXL Hits the Shed

Our Motley Crew
The Highlights:
1. Carey forgot his helmet and the only spare was a pretty light blue number that belonged to Cain's wife.  It actually matched his bike quite well and made him question the fit of his real helmet.
Stylish AND skilled...sorry ladies, he's taken!
2.  A hunter drove by as were getting ready to head out.  Told us we needed to wear some orange, unless we want to get shot by some dumb hunter.  
Orange...check.  This TTF is made possible by Niner.
3.  Sharon was killing it.  She was riding stuff that others walked.
You go, girl!!!
4.  Joel took his brother and his brother's friend onto a different trail than us.  We were supposed to meet at the bottom.  It appears they missed the turn by miles.  Ended up with a long road grind back.

5.  No one could make the entrance climb into F2.  I want to go back, I think I get that last rock hop.

It's the effort that counts.
6.  Larry and Steve mildly argued about the trail we were on.  Looking at the pointy line in the middle of my GPS track, there might be a clear winner.

7.  I missed the post ride festivities, but got to see the Caps destroy the Red Wings 7-1.