Wednesday, November 30, 2011

XXL Goes Upstate

No, not to a correctional facility.  Black Friday, Blue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY.  Mikey, "The Prez," and Chris.  Mike being the local, took the helm and we headed out. A quick series of trails and map checks and we found Mix Monster, the longest trail which circles around the backside of Blue Mountain and offers a nice combination of flow, quick climbs, rocks and large spine/ridge runs on huge rocks.  SteveO and Mike stuck around a little longer to tackle Stinger.

Everyone rode strong, avoided injury, and had a great time, although Mikey suffered a huge XXL point loss for being host and spacing on post ride beverage service. Man!

Definitely worth a repeat, maybe even a weekend since we discovered there's the Peekskill Brew Pub just down the street.

Happy trails all!

PS  New nickname Cranky Caruthers, born from giving some dude crap for not giving the right-of-way on an uphill only to pass him later on Mix Monster and hear him say "there goes Mr. Cranky." I heart NY!

The Prez on his SIR

Monday, November 7, 2011

Proud XXL Moment

Arguably the most important podium of the year -- the Schaeffer Farms Halloween Ride Costume Contest.  The winner this year was our very own Simona, dressed as one of our team koozies.  Congratulations Simona!  As usual, you carry the team.

An honorable mention must also be given to Carey:
"It's easy to grin
when your ship comes in
and you've got the stock market beat.
But the man worthwhile
is the man who can smile
when his shorts are too tight in the seat".
Ahoy, palloi!