Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Team XXL in Training

So I commuted in today, and I am on the Mt Vernon trail and I hear a bell behind me............

It is this dude in his late 50's/early 60's passes me MOVING on a hybrid bike.

Feeling that I must save my honor (what little I have left) I muster up the strength and punch it to catch him.

In my haste to catch him I do not realize his cadence, until I actually catch him. It is like 10 rpms!

Then comes one of the sweeping/rolling hills on the Vernon trail and I say"now I got him" so I jump out of my seat confident in victory...........and he still does not slow down! My god this man is a robot!

Then I realize he is on one of these electric assisted bikes! Basically a electric moped!

My honor saved (I think) I dropped off and finished my leisurely commute to work.

Editor's note: XXL is now investigating the viability of motorized bicycles for off-road training and racing.  Would a case of PBR fit on this rack?