Monday, May 7, 2012

Rattling Creek Field Trip

Weekend Cliff Notes

On bike activity:
Miles ridden: 32.7
OTB crashes: 4 (that I counted)
Blood draw: 3 cases
Bike related equipment failure: 0

Off bike activity:
Fights: 0
Beer drank: 3 cases
Alcohol consumed: 1 bottle of Mr Evans
Private parts viewed and/or shown : 1
Gourmet meals cooked : 2
Non bike related equip. failure: 3
Feelings hurt: many
Drunk dials: 3 (see GG you were not alone)

Rider of the weekend...........Honey Badger

All in all I give the weekend 87.9 GNAR points

The Crew

A helmet with an air bag

Brett airing it out

The best kind of trail feature

XXL *heart* rocks