Monday, April 29, 2013


Congratulations Chris for an above average (that's XXL for WINNING!!) performance at Dark Horse Cycles' Singlespeed-a-palooza in Montgomery, NY.

Says Chris, "It was a fun course and I think I did pretty well considering (last check 41st) I didn't pre-ride nor had I ever ridden there1. Gear choice was tough2 because of that but I decided on 33/19 which my legs were happy with for the most part. I was fighting cramps with everyone else around mi 20 and none of us really knew where the heck we were on the course, I didn't have a Garmin or computer3 and just wanted to keep it under 2.5hrs.  Once I heard I84 I put the hammer down4 as best I could w/ 4 mi. to go."

We may not win but we look GOOD.

Chris continues, "The start was a dust fest going down ridge road, huge pile up at the first turn before the climb.  One unfortunate soul was knocked out completely when I skirted the carnage. There was a bit too much fire road riding/eating dust for this course but they needed to pick up some miles after dropping part of the course later in the week.  My lungs were not 100% given an infection due to allergies this week5 so the dust did not help at all.  I was spinning as fast as I could through most of the course and not really in any specific group but the majority were just flat out smoking the course.  Even the fat bikes, they started two minutes behind us and in no time I got smoked by at least five of them.  I did get a sweet Singlespeed-a-Palooza/Niner pint glass and water bottle for my efforts.  Several kegs and BBQ at the end made for a nice finish to the day."

Great work, Chris!  Way to represent in true XXL style.

1-3, 5. Excerpts from the Team XXL Guide to Excuses. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2005)
4.  This is easily misinterpreted.  On Team XXL, this refers to taking an actual hammer out of your hydration pack or rear pocket.  If you have ever been on an XXL ride, you know that you must be prepared for the unexpected.  We are quite sure the chainsaw and case of beer stored on the rear of the bike also contributed to the near-podium-miss.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

XXL Does Douthat

1.  Do you enjoy "lifestyle rides?"

2.  Do you eat only (and all of) the M&Ms out of the trail mix?

3.  Do you drink beer before you ride?  At 10am?

4.  Would you devise methods of slowing down the fastest member(s) of the group?

5.  Can you recite the entire This is Spinal Tap screenplay?

6.  Would you sleep on a deck with no sleeping bag or tent to avoid sharing a room with your friends?

7.  Would you preserve, even shellac, a piece of wood because it so closely resembles female genitalia?

8.  Do you carry cans of 10% stout in your hydration pack?

9.  When your friend falls sideways off his bike and down a cliff, do you laugh first and then ask if he's ok?

10.  If you lose your smart phone, are you only upset because it contained video of your friends' questionable behavior?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider joining XXL.  Or at least riding with us.  Happy trails!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Out of Hibernation

In celebration of the return of warm weather to the DC metro region, we get the XXL blog going again for the 2013 season!  We may have been quiet on the interwebs, but we have been busy...

Spreading good cheer...

Perfecting our nutrition...
Modeling (XXL is so hot right now)...

Building trail...



And, oh yeah, RIDING!!!
 Looking forward to a great season!

*** Brenda earns 2nd place in the XXL season opener, 6-hours of Cranky Monkey.  Speedy AND stylish!