Wednesday, May 1, 2013

XXL and the WMBA Chain Stretcher

A belated race report for XXL Captain Steve and teammate Mike, who represented the team at the WMBA Chain Stretcher at Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, NY.  Given the race location, Steve and Mike were hoping to get glimpses of kilt-clad boarding school girls until we reminded them that The Facts of Life's "Eastland" school was purely fictitious and the show ended in 1988.

Comments Steve, "It was a really technical race but ended up as a number of sprints for me.  Sprint to the technical section....pile up sprint to the next section pile up etc.  It was tough for me to get in a rhythm.  Unfortunately for me my chain broke at mile 4 or the race was effectively over for me. Mr. Cain stayed steady through the race."

But the story was not that simple.

Retorts Mike, "Steve had the jump on me and was 5 riders ahead for the first twisty 2 mile jam-up.   The usual chaos - one guy misses a section and everyone after him has to walk. The trail opened up, and I passed [Steve] effortlessly on a big climb.  If my memory is correct, I was smoking a camel when I passed him."   Perhaps RJ Reynolds would be interested in sponsoring the team.

Mike, hacking up a lung after his Camel break

Mike continues, "[Steve] did the only respectable thing he could do.  He put every last bit of effort into passing me.  Once he was ahead, he pressed "release" on his ExcuseTech Chain Flinger.  He could now accurately state that he was in the lead until he had a mechanical.  Mr Ryan has been working with ExcuseTech on various prototypes of the Chain Flinger since the mid 90s."

Passing XXL style: risk dismemberment or go home.

Captain Steve may have been the victim of a mechanical, but he filled his G.N.A.R. point quota with the passing maneuver pictured above. 

Nice work, gentleman.