Friday, July 26, 2013

First Annual XXL Invitational: The W@W Beer Derby

3 laps 3 beers.

The feed zone was stocked with two cases of PBR and support staff: XXLer Lisa and her poor, unsuspecting sister, Gena.

Carey, "The Hot Chick," in proper XXL Invitational garb

Lined up at the start were Jason, Mike P, Simona, Carey, and Ernie, as well as several XXL friends.  Where was our president?

Cinderella story. As a girl in Czechoslovakia, dared not dream of this kind of glory

Steve was late,* so he rode 1 1/2 laps with me and 1/2 a lap with Simona.  MORE's president joined our Invitational and raced the Sport class, but DNFed after his first pass through the aid station.  His XXL team application was promptly denied.

Cougar Mike P makes it look easy

Some racers had shots at podiums, so they didn't drink a beer every lap** (tsk tsk). One racer poured half of his first beer down the front of his dress and received demerits from Race Control.

Body by Bells

Drank all the beer.

On Team XXL, everyone is a winner

Super fun time and racers still feel a bit bloated.  Must repeat next year.

Quote of The Night: "You didn't think I got this gut going to McDonalds." - Captain Steve, responding to praise from Lisa and Gena for swift chug of race beer.

** Was it worth it, people? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

XXL Girls Rock the Gap

July 14th, Cumberland, MD.  A hot, humid Sunday morning at Rocky Gap State Park, home of the Xterra EX2 Off-Road Triathlon.  Most XXL members would define triathlon as concurrently: riding a bike, drinking a 10%+ ABV beer, and launching (successfully or unsuccessfully) a technical trail feature.  However, Simona and Jen bucked the XXL trend and showed up to represent the team.

Simona was first across the finish line for XXL, and with a solid time in the mountain bike leg, achieved a 3rd place finish in a strong F30-34 AG.  Early into the run leg, she passed Jen, who finished two and a half minutes behind - good enough for 1st place in the geezer cougar F40-44 AG. 

Don't worry, Brenda.  Beer tastes just as good from a 3rd place glass.

Proof that even a blind squirrel gets an acorn on occasion.

Will Simona be able to convert her tri endurance training into a SM100 PR?  Will Jen stay off the DL for more than a week?  Stay tuned, readers, for more XXL adventures.