Monday, October 7, 2013

XXL Gets Cross

Congratulations Jason on his first *real* cross race.

Jason did the Hyattsville CX on Sunday, October 6th. Says Jason: "I got lined up up in the 91st out of 92 for the start (line up was based on date / time of registration. Ended up 67th. Course was really twisty, so I got time to work on my cornering."

Who cares where you finish if you get a great photo??

The Hundred Race Report: A Tale of Two Riders

Team XXL made great strides in this year's Shenandoah Mountain 100, with three PR's and a new addition to our list of finishers.  Two of our riders have offered up very different perspectives of this epic race.

Executive Summary
Brenda: No wrecks, major mechanicals, smoked it.
Jason: No wrecks, no mechanicals, no legs.