Monday, December 2, 2013

Cain in the Supercross Cup

This weekend was the Supercross Cup near Bear Mountain, NY.

I knew the race time forecast was 22 degrees.  What I failed to notice was the 25 mph winds in the forecast, from the NW no less!  It was brick, as they say in the hood.  Probably because of that, I was the only race day sign-up, and the last of 31 called up to staging.  But the way I see it, there were 4 in my row, so I was really starting 27th.

Cross has a fun advantage over mountain biking.  With the wider course, there can be two or three people entering a turn at the same time.  It’s like quiet motocross without the jumps. I was rocking my Niner Air 9, with cross tires and a rigid fork on the technical course.  Several of the turns were rooty, and there were some steep downhills, so I think my makeshift hybrid had an advantage over the cross bikes for much of the course.   The combination of wide bars, better geometry, and disk brakes made me feel like a bike handling genius all of a sudden.  I was having so much fan passing (or trying to pass) people in the turns.  The group was all ages of Cat 4, so there were all levels of bike handling abilities.  I almost welcomed getting passed jumping over the hurdles, knowing that I could try to battle back in an upcoming turn.  I ended up finishing 20th.  It’s funny how much I had even though I narrowly escaped the bottom third of the group.

It was a 2 day event.  I went yesterday with Jenna, who just turned 8, for her first bike race.  The kid’s race was 100 yards at best and was easily less than a minute.  She finished 3rd out of 8 or so.  After watching the elite women race after her, she was totally bummed that her race was so short and the course wasn’t the same.  I was impressed with how many elite women showed up – those women ripped!  Cross is great for spectating, because the laps are short  enough that you can see the almost the whole lap.  It’s a shame the old dude race in cyclocross always seems to be 8am, and the kid races in the afternoon.  It makes it almost impossible to do both in one day.

Great crew out there – the people who race when it’s this cold are our peeps, if not slightly nuts.  Anyway, there aren’t many races left this year – get out there!

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