Thursday, October 23, 2014

Richmond's Tour de Fall Line

The NoVA epic, Stokesville, Patapsco, Spruce Knob, Rattling Creek, Stowe, Big Bear, my new Carbine had been ripping up trail with such ease, it just left me wanting more!  So I found myself on Bike Reg looking for fun recreational rides.  That’s when I first learned about the Tour de Fall Line, a fully supported 8 park tour of Richmond’s urban single track.  I had wanted to check out Richmond since a teammate returned from there with rave reviews.  This was the perfect chance; mapped and marked trails, aid stations, fun locals and an after party!  The Tour offers 50, 28, and 14 mile options, and if you would rather paddle down the river than ride, well they have that covered too!  Joel and I signed up for the 50, and finally recruited some lively cohorts.  Ernie, Larry, Howard and Mike rounded out our group for this not so little adventure.