Friday, November 7, 2014

XXL 2014 MORE MoCo Epic

It’s hard to do a write up of a 20-40 person ride, over 50 miles in length, and through no less than 8 Montgomery County parks. But to start and stop with our (XXL) ride doesn’t really do the MoCo Epic justice. The event, now in its fifth year, is really better described as a festival and celebration of all things mountain biking in Montgomery County.

Scheduled in the fall, MORE strings together more single track every year, and at this point the festival stretches over two days, through no less than 11 parks, and with a full metric century amongst other ride options. MORE does a stellar job of showcasing and linking each trail system together. The end result is a nearly full county tour, leaving even the most die-hard of bikers in awe of the riding possibilities throughout the county. After all, you don’t really get to ride any of the different parks in full, but you get a sampling, and you learn how to string them together in a seamlessly unending parade of fun.

So how did we do it?