Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vassago Fisticuff: First Ride Impressions

How in the hell does a "simple" steel frame with a bunch of mismatched parts from multiple bike eras make gravel smooth, road pedal up snappy, road pedal down scream past lycra pansies capable, single track root ball nimble, Washington D.C. yawning pothole immune, car-bound commuter sad stares look Orwellian, dominate hipster beer stop conversation...

...all in the same ride out my front door?

Cranks on their 5th bike, wheel set with two seasons of hammering, BB7's so old BB7's weren't invented yet, and various other bits and pieces from the parts bin. New tires and narrow-wide front chain ring to finish things off.

It's like that time when I threw everything left in the fridge and cupboards — fruit, vegetable, dead, and starting to grow — into the microwave...then into the oven with a can of condensed mushroom soup...topped off with crushed Cheetos picked up off the floor. I never claimed on first dates I could cook but it was the best goddamn thing I ever ate.

My new Vassago Fisticuff — this frickin' bike is the bomb.

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